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Also known as interior film, Fancy Fix’s self-adhesive film for furniture can be applied to the majority of flat surfaces, such as wardrobes, kitchen units, doors, desks and drawer fronts. Are some pieces in your home feeling a little drab or run-down lately?

Instead of diving into the messy world of paint or spray paint to spruce them up, try Fancy Fix’s affordable and easy self-adhesive furniture film. Our vinyl films come in a chic, retro polka dot pattern that will give any classroom, office, or college dorm room a little sprucing up. These self-adhesive films can be cut to any size, are effortless to install, simple to clean, and completely painless to remove! You can easily get the look of customized furniture and cabinetry with Fancy Fix’s high quality, vinyl film and liners. Pick from our stylish teal with white polka dots film or our white film with a choice between teal polka dots or blue polka dots. With our wonderfully retro self-adhesive film for furniture, you can renovate any room or piece of furniture that needs a good little touch up.

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