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Window Film vs. Curtains vs. Glass

The importance of privacy in any home is paramount to safety, and sometimes the two go hand in hand.

Curtains and other window treatments can shield valuables from outside eyes, deter break-ins, and protect you from peeping toms or other criminals. However, heavy curtains, tinted glass, and even blinds can be flimsy and expensive to install, as well as troublesome. Sometimes pros and cons are weighed differently between products, so make sure to think about what you want from your window coverings. Curtains can offer versatility and style, but they can also be heavy, stuffy, and expensive. Blinds are also an option, but along with being an eyesore, they are hard to install and easily broken or bent. Tinted or frosted glass is the most expensive option out of the bunch, but also one of the most appealing. Glass is the standard for most windows, but accents such as frosted glass or tinted glass can offer protection and privacy as well. While it may last a long time and look beautiful, if you are looking at a thin wallet or a short living period in your current home, it’s probably not a good idea. You don’t have to forfeit the beauty of frosted glass because of your wallet or moving plans, however. An easier, cheaper option is available, and it’s cheap as well as easy to install. Window film is the trump card of window coverings, and aside from the pricing, it’s gorgeous. It comes in a variety of styles, and for do-it-yourself’ers, the possibilities for installation are endless and easy. The rising cost of luxury home products like nice curtains and decorative glass are rising by the year, so many households are settling for lesser and lesser quality each time they decide to replace their window coverings. Along with product costs rising, the cost of time and effort are rising as well. Paying someone to install glass or curtains rods is becoming expensive, and doing it yourself can result in lost time, accidents, and mistakes. The solution?

Window film

. It’s getting cheaper every day, and with demand rising, more companies are setting up shop in the industry. Competition makes window film cheaper, and when you factor in the quick and easy installation, window film can save you upwards of $100 each time you install it in your home. Why settle for cheap curtains or aluminum foil on your windows when you can have decorative

window film

instead? Take your pick from the wide array of designs, and enjoy the privacy of your home with a window treatment that has a million different options and can be changed on a whim for continual satisfaction.

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