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Why and Where to Buy Shelf Liner or Adhesive Wallpaper

If you’re looking to


a room of your house or home, but don’t want to damage the walls of your dorm or rental, a self-adhesive option is best. They are removable and leave no residues, so you can apply it and enjoy the design until you move out. It can be difficult to find removable

self-adhesive wallpaper

, but in many cases, you can substitute shelf liner for wallpaper. They are made of similar materials, and are completely safe and residue-free. This substitute can be much easier to find in stores and online, and much cheaper as well. If you’re looking to buy

self-adhesive shelf liner

to use as wallpaper, the steps leading up to buying and applying it can be the most important.

  • If you do decide to use shelf liner, decide how much you might need beforehand. This can make the process of buying and applying much easier in the long run, so try taking measurements of the chosen room or wall, and mark them down somewhere for future reference.
  • A local home decoration market might have shelf liners available, so if you’re looking to buy locally and quickly, try checking around those areas for a design you style you like. Many of these selections can be small, so an online store or chain such as Amazon or eBay may carry what you like for much cheaper. If you’re looking for a wide variety of styles for good prices, could be the best place to look!
  • The most important part is choosing a design. A specific pattern may fit a room perfectly, or you may be more partial towards a solid color for your wallpaper. Don’t fret if you end up not liking a design after you apply it, the shelf liners are fully removable, so you can re-do and choose something different later.
When choosing a wallpaper, take in the dimensions of your room too! A light wallpaper with stripes can make your room seem bigger with higher or lower ceilings, while a dark design with a clustered, small pattern will make the room feel smaller and cozier. A wallpaper can completely change the atmosphere of your room, so make sure to pick something according to your tastes!
Wallpapering one wall of your room can make a huge difference too. Choosing to wallpaper all four walls can be a hassle, and it may deter you from ever choosing to use wallpaper again. If you want the accent of wallpaper but don’t want to cover all four walls of your room, a one-wall design can add a pop without being too overdramatic. For this choice, a strong design or pattern can be your best option, since you’re making the most with less. Try bright floral patterns, or colorful geometric prints.

Installing a quality

self-adhesive wallpaper

can be a fun project for you or your family and friends, and even if you cannot find one near you, there are shelf liner options as substitute. Everyone should have the room they want, so don’t hesitate to try wallpapering with adhesive backed, easily removable options.

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