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Wall Sticker Trends

Keeping up with the times can be a great way to remain design-savvy and fashionable, but with so many options to choose from, it can be hard to pick a trend. With all the outdated styles and clashing opinions, picking a wall sticker design can be a challenge in itself. But when you do your research, you can uncover lots of trends that can suit any home or taste, no matter how defined! Here are several design trends that are classy, popular, and easy to choose: ? Neutrals with splashes of color. A good color scheme can make or break a room, so going with a neutral/vivid shade combo can be a timeless, eye-catching choice. Khaki, off-white, and grey are good choices for a backdrop, and some colorful accents can complete the look. ? Wall decorations have been around for centuries, and large paintings, tapestries, murals, and ornate mirrors have been popular choices for decades. However, in modern times, these can be impractical for people that move often or want to save money. A wall decal can serve as a perfect substitute. Wall decals can come in beautiful designs, and are easier to install and remove than large, heavy paintings and mirrors. ? Textured wall designs are a surefire way to catch people’s attention. You can install wall tiles with designs like waves, geometric designs, and organic patterns. The shadows change with the lighting, so you’ll never get bored with how these wall tiles look. If the expensive installation and product is too much for you, there are always wall decals with 3D designs. Design trends aren't the only ideas gaining momentum. Material trends are also growing popular, and this only means more options for you to choose from. ? Gold material wall stickers. Metallic accents always look good, but a splash of gold can look expensive and classical. Look at any old painting or church interior, and you can see the appeal of gold accents. Wall stickers are available in gold designs, so whether it’s a geometric print or some beautiful golden doves, a gold wall sticker is bound to add pop and shimmer to any room. ? Epoxy resin style wall stickers. These are popular anywhere and everywhere! Just look in any scrapbooking section or journal, and you’re bound to find a resin sticker. The glossy decorations aren’t just for picture books and windshields, though! A resin wall sticker can be of almost anything, a design, a pattern, or a picture, and they can add texture to any surface. ? Glitter wall stickers. These can be perfect for any girl’s room, or even to accent a dark wall! Glitter has stayed popular for a reason, and that’s because it’s fun, universal, and sparkly, and who doesn’t like that? Glitter can pair up with anything, whether it’s fairies, butterflies, or constellations and UFO’s. Have fun with your walls by following these glamorous and fun wall sticker trends!
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