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Using Fun, Colorful Wall Stickers for Decoration

Within recent times,

wall stickers

have become a popular choice for interior-designers, do-it-yourselfers, and regular people. They’re great choices for home decorators who don’t want to damage their walls or make permanent decisions like wallpaper or paint. They can come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, and even designs are available. For anyone who wants to personalize their room or home, wall stickers are the go-to choice. They aren’t only for walls, however. These fun, colorful stickers can be used on any flat surface, no matter how small. They can add a pop to every part of your house, no matter how mundane, and with the help of wall stickers, you can transform any apartment or dorm into a personal home decorating project. Here are some small, everyday places you can apply personality to. ? Wall switches. We touch and search for these every day, so why not make them noticeable and fun with a design or color? With a wall sticker, you can easily cut a shape for the switch and add a quick personal touch to your bedroom or bathroom. ? Toilet seats. Toilet seat covers can be expensive and hard to clean, and may not last long. With a wall sticker, you can press it on and be done, no flimsy covers or unsanitary seams. The wall stickers are also easy to clean too, and with a sponge or a disinfectant wipe, you can clean-up in a jiffy. ? Fan blades. Big, clunky fans can be an eyesore during the summer months, so why not make them fun? You can cut a wall sticker to size and apply it to your fan, and when you turn it on, the design will spin in fantastic colors. ? Windows. If you don’t want people looking in, you don’t have to resort to tin-foil or curtains. Try wall stickers instead! ? Floors. While it may sound impractical to install wall stickers on your floor, you don’t have to lay it down like a rug. If you have tile or hardwood, this would certainly take away from the existing floorplans, but you don’t have to veto the idea completely. Try cutting out stars or flowers, and add a trail to your bedroom or bathroom. ? Furniture. Have a flat surface that’s boring, worn, or scuffed? You don’t need to throw it out or repaint just yet. Try re-covering the table or desk with a wall sticker, and lengthen the life of your furniture by years. If you’re looking for something a little more fun, try cutting the wall sticker into squares, and make a checkerboard pattern over the tabletop. ? Last but not least: walls. It sounds silly to state the obvious, but wall stickers are for walls, so make the most of them! You can plaster a wall with individual stickers, make patterns by cutting wall sticker sheets, or just wallpaper a room with wall stickers.

Wall stickers

are the present and the future of easy, cheap home design, so grab them while they're hot off the presses and make the most of the trend. If you’re having trouble settling into a new house, apartment, or dorm, a touch of color and fun can help personalize any room and make it easier to live in. Pick a design or color you like, and have fun decorating!

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