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The Invisible Killer in your Home - Sunshine UV Rays

UV Rays are a topic of discussion every time summer rolls around, but sunburn and color fading aren’t the only things to worry about.

UV Rays

can cause a lot more serious problems for you, your family, and your friends. Protecting your home and its inhabitants from harmful outside dangers is part of being a good homeowner or host, and sometimes the invisible dangers can wreak the most havoc. An estimated 66,000 deaths from skin cancer are reported a year, and this number is steadily rising as the glorification of tans and summer activities are popularized. A good bask in the sun is good for mental health and social popularity, but the risks are great. What may seem like a good tan or a merely troublesome sunburn may contribute to problems later on in life, from melanoma to other skin cancers. While you may believe you are safe indoors, even sitting by a window for a long period of time can cause sunburns in fair-skinned people. Treated glass is expensive, and not many homes are treated to protect against UV Rays. For those with fair, sensitive skin or a history of skin cancer in the family, this can be not only bothersome, but also dangerous. The more windows a house has, the more risk. Installing treated glass can be a big chunk of money for even the wealthiest families, and for those with large houses or many windows, the harsh truth about UV Rays is be a hard pill to swallow. The need to put barriers between you and the sun has stretched beyond just glass, and it’s important to remember that while glass can protect against bugs, wind, and most sunburns, it is not infallible. The five most dangerous states, in terms of UV Rays and skin cancer, are (n terms of how many people in the population are diagnosed with melanoma):

  • Washington D.C, with a rate of 7/10,000
  • Alaska, with 11.3/10,000
  • Texas, with 13/10,000
  • South Dakota and Arkansas tying with 14/10,000
  • Arizona wrapping up last place with 15/10,000

While it’s definitely a neck and neck race for most of these states, the rest of the US is not far behind. The lowest percentage is actually 32/10,000, belonging to Vermont. This is not a far cry from Arizona, so do not be fooled if you live in an area that doesn’t belong in the top five. With all this frightening information, you may have already decided it’s time to start protecting against

UV Rays

, but the real question isn’t why, it’s how. Treating glass windows can be time-consuming and expensive, and for those that don’t have the funds to do it, protection may look like a luxury. It doesn’t have to be. Everyone should have protection, no matter what their wages, and that’s where

window film

can come into your life.

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