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The Classification of Glue in Shelf Liner


shelf liner

can be an extremely valuable tool, and not just in the kitchen. You can use shelf liner on shelves anywhere in your home, from the basement to the office to the bedroom. Adhesive shelf liners sticks and stays put, unlike non-adhesive shelf paper, and can be even used to cover children’s play desks or tables to make them easy to wipe down, to cover books for durability and protection, and for dozens of craft and DIY projects. But what is in the adhesive on your

shelf liner


self-adhesive wall paper

? There are many different types of adhesives, each for their own particular use. The classification principle of adhesives is as follows: ? Drying adhesives, which bond as they dry from slow evaporation of the moisture in the adhesive ? Pressure sensitive adhesives, which bond by way of a light pressure and the balancing of an ionic bond between the two surfaces, often aided by moisture during the initial application ? Contact adhesives, which bond by contact after being applied to both surfaces and allowed to partially dry before pressing them together ? Hot adhesives, which upon cooling form the bond between surfaces ? One-part adhesives, which cure upon exposure to radiation, light, heat, or moisture The applications of different adhesives include almost every part of modern life you can imagine. Adhesives can replaces nuts and bolts in the automotive industry, eliminate the need for unsightly brackets and clamps in construction industry, create ways to build and repair furniture, be engineered for clothing tagging and pricing, be developed for wall coverings and flooring, integrated into dental work, and a million other applications. Pros and cons of different adhesives Different adhesives have different abilities. Pressure sensitive adhesive are weak, but are versatile and can be stuck and removed several times. Contact adhesives stick very firmly, but are difficult to remove if necessary later. Drying adhesives allow materials to be joined together, then adjusted before it dries completely, but are weaker than one part adhesives, which cure quickly but are then permanent. Some

shelf liners

are backed with actual glue, which can be wet then applied and is a drying adhesive. Other shelf liners or self-adhesive wall papers use a pressure system of adhesive. Choose your product based on durability, permanence, and ease of application, and you won’t go wrong.

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