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Spirit of Nature in Wall Decals

Natural feeling is the newest and most popular trend in interior design and wall decoration, so be sure to get in on it while it’s hot! A natural vibe can make any room comfortable and peaceful, and with wall decals, hardwood floors, and earthy paint tones, you can achieve a perfect zen-zone for any office, bedroom, or living room. Hardwood floors are nice under the feet and much easier to clean and care for than tile and carpet, and when you combine a good hardwood with a good color scheme, any room can feel personalized and calming. You don’t have to stop at the floors, however. Many ‘natural’ options are available for walls and windows, so be sure to go through your options before finishing the room. Along with furniture and flooring, here are some great options for any do-it-yourselfer or interior designer. ? What better way to go natural than leaves and trees? Many wall decals are available with tree silhouettes, falling leaves and petals, and colorful peaceful nature scenes. Animals such as birds are available, and with some careful arranging, you can even make it look as if the birds are perched on the tree branches! ? Cork is always a good choice, and whether you’re picking coasters, tabletops, or wall decals, it’s a popular material for any natural home. It’s multi-functional too, so if you need a corkboard and don’t want a plain board from the hardwood store, try checking out the cork stickers. They come in word designs and even animal silhouettes. ? Wood simulation. Hardwood designs on walls can match your flooring, and in case you’re looking to go even further with your ‘natural’ designing, feel free to check out the bark and tree-ring designs. Bringing the outdoors inside your home is a surefire way to make anyone feel at peace, no matter what room they’re in. ? Authentic bamboo material. Bamboo is probably the most ‘zen-worthy’ material on this list. Aside from sand gardens and plants, how much more peaceful can you get? A bamboo accent can be perfect for any kitchen or bathroom. If you cannot afford to install real bamboo, rest assured that there are many designs that incorporate the peaceful plant into their wall decals. Whether it’s a silhouette of the plant itself or another sticker with the bamboo flooring design, you’re bound to find something within your price range. Have some fun with wall stickers and bring the spirit of nature into your own home – whether it’s the veldt, the rain forest, or the jungle that calls your name, you are certain to find something that fits your inner animal and echoes the environment you would love most to be surrounded by.
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