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How to Quickly Update your Furniture for Less than $10

When furniture gets old, there’s a great variety of things you can do to update it and repair any damage time may have inflicted. Some people may choose to buy new furniture and save themselves the trouble, but for many people, this may not be an option. Affordability is always an issue, and new furniture can cost upwards of hundreds of dollars. For many people, this is not a decision easily made, especially when the furniture is still useable. A simple application of shelf liner can provide a classy update to the piece in question, and restore its looks to near new in a snap. In contrast, while repainting your furniture can hide certain stains and give it a brand new look, it takes a lot of extra effort to sand, apply several coats of paint, and finish off with a sealant. Many people do not have the time to spend on a single piece of furniture, much less a set. The costs of painting can add up as well; brushes, paint, and time spent all cost money in the long run. This method is not foolproof, either. A simple accident can end with scrapes, dents, and chips in the paint, bringing you right back to square one. A shelf liner can save you a lot of effort, and not leave you strapped for cash in the end. Whereas paint and accessories can cost you a good sum in the end, a shelf liner can cost you less than ten dollars. If you’re concerned that the product is not worth the money, you will be happy to find that shelf liners are easy to apply, not to mention very eye catching and attractive. They come in a large variety of designs and patterns, making it easy for you to choose something that matches the theme or mood of your home. Application can take less than fifteen minutes, and removal, when desired, can take even less time. The shelf liner will leave no residues or adhesives behind when they peel off, making it easy for you to change your mind and change the look of your furniture even on a whim. This leaves a lot of wiggle room in case you decide to do something else later, or sell the furniture to someone who doesn’t fancy the liner pattern. If you’re looking to remodel your home or add some pop to your furniture, a decorative application of shelf liner can be an easy, cheap choice to solve your problems. They can the brunt of any damages, including spills or scrapes, and prolong the life of almost any aging piece of furniture you own. For those who have old or unsightly furnishings, a shelf liner can save your wallet, your time, and your furniture. It’s also fantastic when dealing with siblings given hand me downs – all it takes is a brand new shelf liner paper application to make the furniture “new” again and uniquely the child’s own. Experiment with desks, bureaus, bookshelves and more to see what shelf liner can do for your own outdated pieces.
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