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Production Process of Wall Stickers

Any product’s worth is determined by how it’s made, so a material made with care and precision is always likely to be more valuable than one that is sloppily mass produced. If you are trying to decide on a wall sticker, knowing more about how exactly they are made can give you insight to what brand or make will be worth the money. Most production processes are the same, but an extra step or more precise machines can go a long way in making sure the final product is a well-made, long-lasting sticker. The production process of many wall stickers is usually made up of these steps: 1. Laminating. PVC is one of the most common materials for wall stickers, and the PVC is usually run through a lamination machine in order to make the backing paper. High heat is used to achieve a sturdy roll of completed PVC. 2. Slitting. There is usually a given length for each stretch of product, and a machine will give each length a neat slit at a given measurement. Measurements can very among brands and products, so if two products are the same price, be sure to check how much is actually included. 3. Printing. This is arguably one of the most important parts of the entire process, and also one of the most complicated. Designs and patterns will vary, and depending on how complicated the design, it may take more time to complete. The ink is printed onto the environmentally friendly PVC surface, and the stretch is then embossed to prevent smudging. 4. Die-Cut. If the sticker is shaped, it will then be run through another machine that separates the sticker from the rest of the PVC. This makes it easy to peel from its backing, and gives each sticker a given shape. These shapes can be anything from a box around the image, or outlines around words or pictures. 5. Packaging. The stickers are then packaged for travel or delivery. The packaging can vary depending on the company and buyer, but one of the most common packages is a simple flat package. These can be lined with bubble wrap or made of a simple cardboard box. For custom orders or certain companies, a PET box or a color box will be used, and these will be embossed with company logos or colorful designs. No matter how the product is packaged, the end result of the sticker is a good indicator of how long it will last. A sloppily made sticker with uneven cuts or smudging ink is not likely to last very long, whereas a glossy, neat, straight edged sticker is bound to be a long lasting, worthwhile buy. You can use wall stickers in a variety of places and for different purposes – they go well on bedroom walls to add some pop and personality, can be used to create an accent wall in a living area, and can also double for adhesion to desks, tables, doors and more for a delightful trendy home décor look.
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