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Production Process of Shelf Liner

Self-adhesive shelf liners

are not something you can make easily with a normal printing machine, and they definitely require a lot of proper machinery to produce. A high quality liner is best produced and sold by a professional name, so choosing something you know is made properly is always a good idea. However, deciding the quality of something is hard when you don’t know how it’s made. The process of making shelf liners isn’t difficult to follow, so read up before you decide on any heavy purchases! ● Printing. Getting the design, photograph, or pattern onto the contact paper is the first step, and arguably one of the most important ones. The material, an environmentally friendly PVC, is run through a machine to print the design onto the surface. Once this is done, the entire length of PVC is run through another machine to emboss it, keeping the ink from smudging on contact and to make the material feel less tacky. ● Laminating. If you leave the material alone, you run the risk of tearing, ripping, or crumpling. This step can eliminate a lot of the risk, and help the roll of contact paper avoid damage before purchase. It can also extend the life of the shelf liners once they’re actually applied, so you get a product with less chances of wear-and-tear. ● Slitting. Once the initial product is out of production, it enters the preparation stage. This is where the contact paper is cut and rolled into sets for purchase, and also where it is readied for shipment. The contact paper is usually cut into widths of 45 centimeters, and trimmed to be straight. This way, there is no uneven cuts or problems during rolling. ● Packing. The last step is rolling and packaging. The end product here is what you might spot in stores, or what you might receive in the mail when your product arrives. After being trimmed to fit, the PVC material is fed into a rolling machine. This machine rolls the shelf liner tightly around a pre-made cardboard cylinder. Afterwards, it is shrink-wrapped or put in plastic rolls to protect it, and shipped off to you or whatever department store it is being sold at. Knowing how

contact paper

is made can go a long way in helping you choose what

shelf liner

is best for your home. A well-made liner will show its worth once it’s installed, so be sure to take a look at the brand, make, and quality of a liner before you make any big purchases. The process of making self adhesive wallpapers can vary between companies, but it’s the end product that matters the most.

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