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Multiple Decorative Effects of Contact Paper

When redecorating, sometimes the cost of a material can outweigh its aesthetic. When this happens, you can be torn between forking over the extra cash, or finding a suitable alternative. In many cases, buying

decorative contact paper

can achieve the same look as hardwood, marble, and brick, without the cost of buying and installing the real thing. There are many effects you can achieve with

contact paper

, including ● Hardwood. Getting a wood-grain effect without wood can be hard, but with contact paper you can cover any surface safely and achieve the same effect. Great for re-covering furniture. A nightstand, countertop, shelf, or even a table can easily be brought back to life with a layer of contact paper. ● Marble. Marble can be horribly expensive, and installing it without professional help can be nearly impossible. It is also heavy and fragile, making it a hassle to move and use without damage. With some well-placed contact paper, you can achieve the smooth, expensive look of marble without forking over loads of cash to get it. ● Metallic. Going for a modern look? Do you enjoy the minimalist appeal of steel and silver? A metallic sheen or shiny design can go a long way in making your furniture or craft project catches the eye, and instead of spending money on sheets of metal or making a mess with glitter and glue, you can save time and money just getting contact paper. ● Brick. If you enjoy the urban aesthetic of brick walls, but live in an apartment or rental, you may not be able to completely rebuild to get the brick wall you want. In those cases, think outside the box and more within the lines of contact paper wallpaper! ● Laser Designs. If you’ve ever liked the look of holographic, shiny notebooks or stickers, this may be the print and design for you. The thin sheen on this contact paper is made to scatter light and make rainbow designs on nearby surfaces, and it’s pretty enough on its own too. ● Cork. Installing real cork can be a huge hassle, and once it’s placed there’s no guarantee that it will last. Contact paper can come in cork designs, and is durable, easy to apply, and easily washable with a wet rag or sponge. ● Color. The most simplistic choice, but a popular one for a reason. If you have a theme going in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or craft project, it can be a painstaking process to find and choose a design that matches. And if you have already picked a pattern, many people may agree that matching it with a solid color is best. Colored contact paper can come in a wide range of colors, almost any hue or shade you can think of! You can even choose between glossy finishes and solid, plain colors. ● Designs. Among all of the texture designs and holographic patterns, you can find almost any theme and color scheme imaginable in contact papers. A lackadaisical design with flowers, a plaid pattern with black and blue, or even a colorful eye-catcher with rainbow lines. ● Geometric. Zig-zags, diamonds, stripes. All of these are classic patterns for a reason, and if you want a minimalist, yet fun look, a well placed contact paper can make any table or counter decorative without being too over the top. Enjoy all the versatility of enhanced interior home design with these amazing possibilities

contact papers

bring to the table!

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