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Life Expectancy of Wall Stickers

If you’re looking into a long-term choice for your home, there are many factors to determine what material may be best for you. Know what you are buying your wall decal for, and do some research before you make any expensive purchases. Wall Stickers, like any other product such as paint and wallpaper, will have to withstand wear and tear over the years. How long until the adhesive is broken down completely determines on where you use it, and how often it is touched/reapplied. The material is also a factor, so here is a guide that might help you make decisions for your purchase. ? Paper based roll labels can last 1-2 years indoors, depending on what they’re used for. These stickers are best designed for light use, and may not last as long when exposed to the elements. They may fade with sunlight or water, or peel off with wind or rain. Outside use for these stickers is not recommended. ? Vinyl/Synthetic based roll labels are more versatile, and if you’re looking for an outdoor sticker, this may be a better option than paper stickers. They will last 1-2 years outside, and are less likely to fade and wash out with sunlight and rain. ? Full color stickers and screen printed decals are your best bet when choosing a design for outdoor use, so if you’re looking into window-stickers or other outdoor decals, this is a great option. They are resilient to wind, rain, sunlight, and anything else the elements may throw at it, so rest assured that these decals won’t be ruined easily. ? An extended-use wall stickers for indoors is going to be found in screen printed decals. These decals and stickers are commonly used outside, so if they are treated gently and used indoors, they are bound to last a long time. An actual time period is hard to give, since many other factors determine its life expectancy. These stickers can last anywhere from 5-45 years, so they can possibly outlast some wallpapers! ? Wall decals adhere best when they are kept away from windows or places with direct heat and sunlight, and while humidity may affect them, it is likely to be over a long period of time. Decals can last anywhere from a year to over twenty years, depending on the situation. Indoor decals are likely to last much longer than outdoor ones, so think about where you might put your decal before you buy it. Heat, humidity, and sunlight may cause decals to shrivel, peel, or come unglued, so if you are planning on putting a decal somewhere where this might be an issue, be ready for its life to be shortened somewhat. No glue or adhesive is infallible to the elements, and even the ink and printing of the decal may become faded or wrinkled. No matter what you are choosing a decal for, doing your research can help you find a long lasting, beautiful wall stickers for any room or wall.
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