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The Interesting and Incredible History of Wall Decals

People have always decorated the interior walls of spaces they live in – whether with paints, designs worked into the mud, bricks, wood, or stone, or by hanging tapestries and paintings to cover wall space. Decals are not a new invention. They have become very multifunctional and universal over the past decade, and are now used in both decorative and professional situations. In advertising situations, they can be used on windows, subways, signs, and even on cars. For people who wish to do their home decorating themselves, they can be a unique, cheap, and easy way to spruce up a room. Paint can be expensive and time consuming, while a wall decal is cheap and easily applied to any wall, window, or appliance. A wall decal is any large sticker that can be applied to a flat surface. They can be decorative, informational, or for advertising purposes. Many custom decals can be made, or pre-made designs can be mass-produced and sold across the country. Many different shapes, sizes, colors, and themes are available, and wall decals can be made from a variety of materials. Depending on what you plan on using the decal for, whatever you buy varies. Decals can range from small enough to fit on a laptop, to large enough to cover an entire wall. PVC, vinyl, and fabric decals are common materials, and decals that come in surfaces akin to chalkboards, whiteboards, and mirrors are available as well. Many different materials can be used to make decals, although the functionality and reusability of your decal can depend on what it’s made of. The development of wall decals comes in three categories. First generation, second generation, and third generation. First generation wall decals were made of PVC, and while they could come in many sizes and shapes, they could only be made in one color. Second generation decals were more colorful, but the size was not custom-made. There was also the issue of the white edges, meaning they could only be seamlessly applied to white walls. Third generation meant many improvements, including transparent borders, and more resilient decals. These decals were also oftentimes removable, and while the second application tended to be less effective, they could be moved without issue. The concept is simple -= clean the surface, apply, and enjoy., When it’s time for a change or a remove, simply peel away, reroll, and transport to a new location for reapplication. The story behind Fancy-Fix’s wall decal company started in 2004, when the corporate owner Mr. Chen Hui attended the Maison exhibit in 2004 and found a wall sticker. He took it to China and began producing more, making Fancy Fix the first major corporation in the industry. Today, Fancy-Fix is one of the premier suppliers of a vast array of contact papers, static cling window films, and more supplies to enhance the interior home décor of your house, apartment, or business, providing a way to cheaply, effectively, and environmentally decorate your living and work spaces to create amazing spaces to live in.
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