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How to Protect your Privacy with Window Film

Whether you live in a house, a condo, a town home or a mobile home, privacy is something you count on when inside your own home. However, privacy can come in a lot of different forms – while the windows may be the eyes of a house looking outward, they can also be the perfect vantage point for other people to look in.

We all have an expectation of privacy in our home, and the need to protect ourselves from spying eyes is paramount. You don’t want passersby or nosy neighbors peering in and intruding on your private life. That’s why window film can be such a big help when it comes to choosing window coverings.

Sure, curtains and drapes and blinds can work wonder, but if you want to see out, you have to open them and again the issue of people being able to look in when you are looking out is a problem. With window film, you can still enjoy the added elegance of traditional window coverings with an extra layer of privacy afforded by the window film.

Window film comes in hundreds of different designs that allow natural light in while providing a barrier to spying eyes. There are also window films that can provide light control, if a slightly dimmer room is required. You can get window film that looks like frosted, etched, or stained glass; tinted window film in a huge range of colors, and window film that provides a mirror effect.

You can use window film in every room, on any glass like surface. That tiny window in the bathroom can be covered with a sheet of window film, giving you extra privacy. So can the window over the kitchen sink, the windows in the bedrooms, and the living room is an ideal candidate for some judiciously applied window film.

All you have to do to install your new window film is measure twice, cut the film from a roll or choose an appropriate sized sheet, make sure the window is clean, and apply the film. Its sensitive backing uses static cling to adhere to the window, so it won’t come off until you want it to. When you are ready for a change, it peels off easily and you can switch to a different design.

Don’t give up on having privacy in your own home. Even when blinds, curtains, or drapes are open, you can still enjoy feeling safe, secure, and un-spied upon!

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