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Environmental/Eco-Friendly Products and Wall Stickers

If you have children in the house, receive guests frequently, or just want to protect yourself and the environment from toxins and by-products, you may be looking for green labels when you shop for

wall stickers

. Buying environmentally friendly products not only helps the environment, it encourages more companies to take strides to become more eco-aware. ? The definition of eco-friendly is more of an umbrella term, so be sure to read labels and do research before you make any decisions. Eco-friendly usually means free of toxins and made with the environment in mind. They break down easily and naturally, and don’t poison the water table or the soil as they do so. They won’t cause harm to wildlife or food sources. ? Beware of phthalates and lead. Phthalates are common softeners in plastics, and when consumed they can cause mild infertility in men and liver/kidney problems in children. Phthalates include DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIDP, and DNOP. Lead is lethal when it builds up in your system or that of your child! Brain damage, blood disorders, and nerve damage are all effects of lead poisoning. Pthalates haven’t has as much research done on them, but are listed as a carcinogen by the EPA and FDA. ? Fancy-Fix wall stickers meet all the required regulations and more, so you can guarantee that you are getting a safe product that can be used within the vicinity of both children and pets. All the materials of Fancy-Fix wall stickers are regulated closely according to the guidelines belonging to REACH, CPSIA, and the first three levels of EN71. ? REACH is a common regulation used to identify toxic chemicals. These regulations help list chemical dangers, while also offering safer substitutes for high-concern chemicals in everyday products. ? EN 71 sets guidelines for toys and items commonly used for and around children. Fancy-fix wall stickers abide by all three of their relevant levels, making them child-safe and non-toxic to infants. ? CPSIA is the full, sweeping act that covers all phthalates and lead-based products. It applies to lead paints and all products marketed for children. This includes cribs, baby bouncers, teething toys, and pacifiers. You’ll also notice it in child safety products, bottles, bottle liners, dishware and silverware, and other items that children will have in or near their mouths or skin. It is important to be aware of the guidelines and regulations in place when researching a product, just to be sure that you are getting the safest thing for you and your family. Fancy-fix

wall stickers

pass all tests with flying colors, so you can rest easy knowing that you are in safe hands.

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