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Don’t Miss These Peel and Stick Wall Decal Exhibitions in China

Fairs and Exhibitions are some of the best places to get insight, inspiration, and ideas for future purchases, products, and pitches.

If you are lacking in ideas, or just wish to showcase your own products for others to see them, exhibitions can be the solution. peel and stick wall decal and contact paper designs are commonly found at all of these, and advertised heavily along with all of the other available products.

In China, these fairs can be expansive and all-inclusive, so be sure to book a flight to attend one if you are looking for an extensive experience. For wall sticker enthusiasts and fans of modern design, these exhibitions can be an informational outlook to a large industry. Home decorators and architects can get a lot of good out of these fairs as well; these fairs offer new, innovative designs that are applicable in almost any home.

East China Fair

Co-sponsored by over eight cities and provinces alike, the East China Fair does not disappoint with its wide variety of traders and buyers alike. It is considered the largest trade fair of its kind, and despite being short, it specializes in quality over quantity. The ECF is held in Shanghai and stretches over the short, precise period of five days, starting on March 1st of 2017. The fair itself is supported by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, meaning that no matter what, you are receiving the best offers, deals, and products the fair has to offer.

Canton Fair

Located in Guangzhou, or Canton, this fair features everything from appliances and decorations to medical devices and textiles. No category is left behind, and for its 120th anniversary, the Canton Fair is not going to disappoint anyone. Whether you are a repeat attendee or a first-timer to the fair and it’s ongoing, you are sure to get a positive experience. The fair is held from October 15th to November 4th, almost a full month, to guarantee that every booth and category gets a fair share of time in the limelight. It’s also timed so that if you miss a day of events, you are not missing a third of the fair in your hotel room or stranded at an airport.

Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair

If you’re strictly in the market for wall stickers or children’s gifts, this fair may be the most reasonable choice. Whether you’re buying or selling, buying a ticket or a booth to this particular even will certainly be worth the while, especially in the long run. It holds the position as one of the largest gift fairs in the world, and is being held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibit Center for the year of 2017, from January 9-12th. Organized by the HKTDC, it offers gifts, limited-time offers, and buyer premiums for a wide variety of products, including peel and stick wall decal. Other available offers include designs in figurines, tech, stationary, party items, and other decorations.

Building Decorations & Building Materials Exhibition

From March 7th to March 10th of 2017, the Building Decorations and Building Materials Exhibition is making its 24th debut. This Exhibition is a great way to make a foray into the industry of your choice, or take a good look around at the great variety it has to offer. No matter what you are selling or buying, this Exhibition is bound to have a category and booth for it. Ceramics, mortar, stone, textiles, glass, and other construction materials are all available, both the actual products and the equipment designed to handle raw materials. Designs for peel and stick wall decal, energy-saving plans, paints, hardware, and various forms of technology are also available, for anyone more involved in the last steps of home design and construction.

No category or product is left out of these fairs, no matter how niche. These fairs are a prime place to showcase your products like peel and stick wall decal and contact paper, or take home great deals on both decorative and material products. For middle-man companies or architects, these fairs may be a lifesaver for those wanting to find premium products for discounted prices. There are certainly deals to be struck and hands to shake, so if any of these fairs fit into your busy schedule, be sure to mark your calendar and book a flight for the next exhibition!

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