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How to Apply Fancy-Fix Static Cling Window Film

If you’ve recently purchased Fancy-Fix static cling window film, you may be looking up instructions to apply it, or just waiting for a good time to open up the roll. If you’re either of these, this article may just solve your problem. If you’re a potential buyer, this article may show you how easy to apply our window film is. Applying the static film is not difficult, so these instructions are easy and straight forward. Aside from the window film itself, you don’t need a lot of other materials in order to complete the job, so rest assured that your add-on purchases won’t be a burden on your bank account. In fact, most of these items can be found around the house, so an extra trip to the store probably won’t be necessary. Here are the tools you might need: ? Spray bottle (filled with water and dish soap) ? Window cleaner ? Measuring tape ? Utility knife ? Wiping cloth ? Squeegee As for the steps, there aren’t many, but each one is important. Making sure you follow each one carefully is important to the final result, so be careful while measuring, cutting, and applying your static cling window film. 1. Clean the window with the window cleaner. Any brand is acceptable, so no need to splurge on expensive cleaners if you have a generic brand lying around. The purpose of this step is to prep the window for the film, so make sure to scrape off any debris or dirt from the window. Dirt, dust, and debris may keep the film from adhering properly, so be sure to make sure the surface is completely flat and flawless by the time you’re done. 2. Measure the window size with the measuring tape. You don’t want to end up with gaps or overlaps in your window film, so measuring is a very necessary step. Use the measuring tape to determine the width and length of the window, and make sure to write them down if you need the measurements later. 3. Cut the window film into the desired size with the knife and a ruler. This may be a good time to refer back to the measurements, and be sure to use the ruler! The ruler can help you achieve a straight line while you cut. 4. Spray the water onto the window. The dish soap in the water will help the film cling better, so make sure not to skimp out on it. Cover the window with a fine mist of water, and be prepared to install the film quickly before it starts to evaporate or run. 5. Peel off the protective liner. 6. Place the film on the glass, and make the smooth side is facing the window. If you apply the film backwards, it will not adhere properly, so be sure that the design is facing outwards for the best results. 7. Smooth the film out with a squeegee. Start in the middle and go outwards, otherwise you may trap air in the middle of the film. If you start in the middle, all excess air bubbles will be squeezed out during the application. Properly applied, static cling window film will stray put for months – and it a corner does curl loose, it’s easy to peel the film off, wash the window, and reapply.
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