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4 DIY Solutions for Home Window Improvement

Your windows are the "eyes" of your house - through them you can enjoy the view, stay up to date on what is happening outside your home, and enjoy the natural light from the sun. However, you also need two more things from your windows.


Your windows should be a one way view. You don't want strangers or nosy neighbors being able to see right into your home. Some sort of window treatment or window covering is essential for you to feel safe, secure, and relaxed in your home.


The other thing you need to safeguard against is the damage those friendly sun-rays can do. While you want to benefit from natural light, you don't want harmful UV rays increasing your chance of cancer, and you don't want your upholstered furniture and carpets taking the full brunt of fading sunlight.

DIY options for Home Window Improvement

You can easily fix up your windows from the inside using one of four fast methods.

  • Solar Window Film. This provides just the right amount of protection against harmful UV rays while still allowing you to benefit from sunlight and privacy. The solar window film comes in easy to apply sheets or rolls, and can be applied swiftly and removed just as fast if you ever move out of want to switch up your window treatments.
  • Decorative Static Cling Window Film. Another option is window film that has a design - stained glass options are extremely popular, as they add style and class to any window. You can also opt for a geometric design, a single color of film that complements the wall paint, or a frosted glass look that provides privacy without significantly changing the quality of light in the room.
  • Curtains. Making your won curtains gives you a lot of control over your windows. You can make them to size, add trim and ruffles, choose from many different hanging options, and switch your curtains out when they become faded or ragged, and have a lot of fun with this design. However, this is significantly more time invested on your part sewing custom curtains for your windows.
  • Tinted Window Glass. Finally, if you are handy with window glass installation, you can opt for tinted window glass. You'll need to be sure you are getting solar UV ray protection as well as just a tint, or you'll be wasting your money. Understand that this option is more preferment and will cost a great deal more in both cash and time invested to switch the window glass out for tinted glass.

Giving your windows and update is one of the fastest ways to improve your home. Properly treated windows can improve your privacy and protection and offer many more possibilities when it comes to updating your home decor!

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