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  • In 1989, president Cunliang Miao, a native of Wenzhou with a background in Paper Industry, began his vision for creating beautiful and affordable Home Decoration for self-adhesive film that anyone could apply. As a technician, he successfully solved the technical challenge of static window film as the First Manufacturer in China.
  • Big Breakthrough happened in 2007, as a son-in-low of President Mr. Miao, Michael Chen established Fancyfix and fixed the most popular home decor trends. Since Michael graduated from University of Hong Kong as Mater of Business Administration, he's dedicated to integrate all resources in design, manufacture, QC and Packing Solutions, that's why we can help our Customers differentiate with other competitors, Maybe you are the NEXT ONE?
  • All Fancyfix products are proudly made in the China.

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  4. Add:10/F, C3 Building , NO.81 Zhonghui Road Ouhai District,325011 Wenzhou, Zhejiang China
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  • Tel:+86 57785511503
  • Fax:+86 57788155298
  • Add:10/F, C3 Building , NO.81 Zhonghui Road, Ouhai District,325011 Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China
  1. World leading manufacturer of Home Decoration
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