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FancyFix is helping to protect and improve homes, businesses and vehicles around the world.We manufacture and export aford able and easy to install products, which can add privacy, protect and give distinctive look to your space.Since several years we have developed Window Film, Self Adhesive Film, Wall Sticker, and have also added a range of Vinyl based tablecloths and shower curtains.

Not only update our production facility, we also have the professional design team in Sweden and U.S.A that offer you exclusive and innovative designs, including display solutions.Over 10 years, we have helped many local brands to achieve success with our high quality products in several countries, including France, Japan, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherland and more.

Our team

  • The founder of fancyfix, MBA of Hongkong University in 2002.

    CEO Michael Chen
  • Key account manager in fancy-fix. 10 Years of experience in adhesive industry to provide excellent customer services. With ability to meet customer needs or identifying an addressing customer concerns.

    Managing Director Rita Lu
  1. Senior Sales Consultant Scarlett Zhen

    The founder of fancyfix, MBA of Hongkong University in 2002.

Our customers

  • Great product! Added just the right amount of privacy to our daughter's nail studio without making it seem clostrophobic.

  • I was skeptical that something this easy would work very well. I am pleased and very happy to say that it works!! I took a chance and purchased it at a discount for my unbiased review and am happy that I did. It was easy to measure it and cut it with the grid on the back.

  • Love these for my classroom! Bought two panels to use as a "word wall" and they are a great addition! I'm using the liquid chalk markers to really make the words pop with color. Highly recommend!

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  4. Add:10/F, C3 Building , NO.81 Zhonghui Road Ouhai District,325011 Wenzhou, Zhejiang China
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  • Tel:+86 57785511503
  • Fax:+86 57788155298
  • Add:10/F, C3 Building , NO.81 Zhonghui Road, Ouhai District,325011 Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China
  1. World leading manufacturer of Home Decoration
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